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Welcome to GSK Professional Services

In GSK Professional Services, we specialize in pre-press products.

We sell, service and support pre-press products for Offset printing, Screen printing and Flexo printing.

EastCOM manufactures state of the art CTP and CTCP products for Offset printing. Their thermal and UV CTPs range from DX 1700 for 52” x 64” printing presses to DX 830 for smaller presses. EastCOM is very heavily built for stability and also uses international standard components. For example, the Laser Diodes are from Nichia.

We supply Exile Technologies Inkjet based Computer to Screen equipment. Exile uses an unique technology for imaging on the screens. The Spyder Series is Wax based inkjet which is very superior from liquid based inkjet systems. Exile also has Freestyler, an entry level CTS which uses thermal DOD technology for imaging.

For high end Screen printing customers, we supply Dosun Laser engravers. Dosun’s X*Y engraver can support a size of 102” x 59” screens and uses 405nm laser diodes to image the screens

Flexo pre-press had been supported by us using EastCOM’s flexo CTP series. EastCOM supplies Flexo CTPS from 80” x 50 “ for packaging customer's to 13” x 17” for small time in house production houses.

We also support flexo industry through Exile Technologies Techsetter and Liberator Imagesetter. These imagesetter are using state of the art thermal imaging heads to avoid any chemical processing without compromising on the quality.