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CTP plate


Fujifilm's intelligent and fully integrated range of plate technologies are the ideal solutions to match the requirements of every business. With state-of-the-art LHPK plates, we aim to provide optimum printing results without compromising the output quality. Our LHPK CTP plates, including thermal and sensitive violet plates, allow us to provide maximum productivity and reduce environmental impact simultaneously.

Thermal CTP Plates
  • Reduced developer and wash water
  • Ultra-long bath life greatly reduces the frequency of fluid replacement
  • The stability of the processing fluid sensitivity also results in a decreased number of unusable prints
Fountain solution / processing chemicals for printing
  • Dramatic reduction of the number of blanket washings due to the inhibitory effect of blanket pilling
  • Print quality is improved through a reduction in over-emulsification and preventing scratches and reducing paper waste
  • Ink scumming of the dampening roller is also less frequent, which reduces the required washing
Graphic Arts Film

Are you looking for Graphic arts film solutions? We offer a wide range of highly sensitive contact, camera and recording films for your business requirements. We are stringent on providing top-notch quality at an affordable price and tailored solution for your requirements. We will continue to provide all the required technical support on a long term basis.

Flexo Consumables

Our diverse range of flexo consumables features low plate surface energy, ensures that the maximum amount of ink will be transferred to the printed substrate. As these plates provide output results of high quality, we are able to deliver output with maximum resolution and stick to a minimal number of dots. Being a pioneer in this sector, we streamline Asahi-developed flex consumables to keep our best foot forward.

Our comprehensive range of solutions from M/s. Dai Nippon Screens Mfg. Co Ltd, Japan, delivers superior imaging precision and reliable results. They are loaded with the latest fibre laser diode exposure heads. It powers them with the potential to achieve a throughput of 32 plates per hour. In addition to this, they can also be fitted with autoloaders to create production lines and automatic gate supply. As they work with proprietary clamp technologies and auto-balance mechanisms, they can seamlessly handle high-speed exposure.