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  • In GSK Professional Services, we specialize in pre-press products.

  • We sell, service and support pre-press products for Offset printing, Screen printing and Flexo printing.

  • EastCOM manufactures state of the art CTP and CTCP products for Offset printing. Their thermal and UV CTPs range from DX 1700 for 52” x 64” printing presses to DX 830 for smaller presses. EastCOM is very heavily built for stability and also uses international standard components. For example, the Laser Diodes are from Nichia.

  • Dai Nippon Screen CTP systems feature the latest fiber laser diode exposure heads, enabling them to achieve throughput of up to 32 plates* per hour. They can also be fitted with autoloaders to allow the creation of a production line that includes automatic plate supply. This configuration greatly extends run times and boosts press operating ratios.

  • Flexo pre-press had been supported by us using EastCOM’s flexo CTP series. EastCOM supplies Flexo CTPS from 80” x 50 “ for packaging customer's to 13” x 17” for small time in house production houses.

  • GIS Laser Technologies Inc. is a  multinational company providing advanced intelligent solutions in to the industries of New Energy, Semiconductor Packaging, Lithium Battery, PCB and Printing, with its incredible innovation. through its independent Next Tech Research Institute, Business Division and Manufacturing Plant. Our mission is to be a professional supplier in product solutions and services, striving for sustainable optimization and innovation in manufacturing capabilities for customers.Our main products are CTS series (Computer to Screen system), CTP (Computer to Plate system) and fully automatic printing plate developing system.

  • We also support flexo industry through Exile Technologies Techsetter and Liberator Imagesetter. These imagesetter are using state of the art thermal imaging heads to avoid any chemical processing without compromising on the quality.

Our Mission

To Provide Quality Machineries To The Customers And To Provide An High End  Engineering Services Towards Customer End.

Quality Productivity Is Assured By Also Providing The Customers With Necessary Consumables For The Machinery. 

Core Values


In Gsk Professional Services we don't Stand back at outdated Technologies. We Increase our Innovation Standards by introducing New Technologies in the field. 


In Gsk Professional services, we work in a total transparency way, where every customer can understand our loyal services towards them. 


In Gsk Professional Services, We give quality advisory and accessible knowledge to the customers which results in quality productivity and improved business standards.

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